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8 Reasons Your Bra Size Might Be Wrong

Bra Size Mistakes: 8 Reasons You’re Getting It Wrong

Table of Contents: 8 Signs You’re Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

  1. Constantly Adjusting Straps
  2. Bra Band Riding Up
  3. Cup Overflow
  4. Painful Underwires
  5. Digging Straps
  6. Lack of Support
  7. Shoulder Indentations
  8. Overall Discomfort


Many women underestimate the importance of wearing the right bra size. A poorly fitting bra can lead to discomfort, pain, and even health issues in the long run. In this blog post, we will discuss the 10 signs that indicate you may be wearing the wrong bra size. Pay attention to these signs and make sure you’re giving your breasts the support they need with the right women’s innerwear.

1. Constantly Adjusting Bra Straps 

One of the most common signs that you’re wearing the wrong bra size is constantly adjusting your straps throughout the day. If your straps keep slipping off your shoulders or digging into your skin, it’s a clear indication that your bra size is incorrect.

2. Bra Band Riding Up

If your bra band rides up your back, it means that it’s too big for you. The band should sit parallel to the ground and provide the majority of the support for your breasts. A riding-up band indicates that your bra is not giving you the support you need.

3. Cup Overflow

Overflowing cups are a definite sign that your bra size is too small. If your breasts spill out of the cups or create a double bust, it’s time to go up a cup size. Wearing a bra with overflowing cups can lead to discomfort and even tissue damage.

4. Painful Underwires in your Bra

Underwires should provide gentle support without causing any pain or discomfort. If you constantly feel the underwires digging into your skin or poking your underarms, it’s a sign that your bra size is wrong. Opt for a bra with a more comfortable underwire or without underwires altogether.

4. Painful Underwires: 8 Reasons Your Bra Size Might Be Wrong

5. Digging Straps in your Bra

Straps digging into your shoulders can be a sign of an ill-fitting bra. The straps should provide support without causing any pain or leaving marks on your skin. If your straps dig in, it’s a clear indication that your bra size is wrong.

6. Lack of Support in your Bra

If you feel like your breasts are not getting enough support from your bra, it’s likely that you’re wearing the wrong size. A properly fitting bra should lift and support your breasts, reducing strain on your back and shoulders. Lack of support can lead to sagging and discomfort.

7. Shoulder Indentations

Indentations on your shoulders from bra straps are a clear sign that your bra size is wrong. The straps should distribute the weight of your breasts evenly without leaving marks on your skin. If you have shoulder indentations, it’s time to reassess your bra size.

8 Overall Discomfort

Ultimately, if you feel overall discomfort when wearing your bra, it’s a sign that you’re in the wrong size. Your bra should feel comfortable and supportive throughout the day, without causing any pain or irritation. Listen to your body and make the necessary adjustments for a better fit.


In conclusion, wearing the wrong bra size can have serious consequences for your comfort, health, and well-being. Pay attention to the 8 signs discussed in this blog post to determine if you’re in need of a new bra size.

Remember, women’s innerwear plays a crucial role in your daily life, so make sure you’re wearing the right size to feel confident and supported. Take the time to measure yourself properly and invest in bras that fit you perfectly. Your breasts will thank you for it.

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